e-Bikes for business.
Enabling active transport.

We specialise in enabling e-Bike adoption for businesses, helping to understand the need and justify their usage.

Who do we work with?

We help UK organisations from all sectors and sizes transition to e-Mobility

Public organisations

Police Forces | NHS Trusts | Councils

Private businesses

Local High Street Businesses |
Large Corporations | Business Parks |
Last Mile Delivery Companies

We believe e-Mobility isn’t just about electric vehicles, it’s a mindset shift.

At e-Mobilise, we take pride in driving personal mobility efficiency, specifically through e-Bikes.

We’re able to provide evidence of the values and benefits e-Bikes provide across an organisation, from last-mile deliveries and staff commuting to meeting carbon emission targets.

e-Bikes and e-Cargo Bikes for business

Our approach

We enable the adoption of e-Bikes through four stages:

Our Approach to e-Bikes for business

What our clients say

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to e-Mobility

We’ve proven the impact and benefits investing in e-Bikes has on organisations and can do the same for yours.