Get active on your commute!

As the UK heads out of a second lockdown, businesses are opening up again and there are people who are looking to go back to working from offices, shops, public spaces etc., 

Just like in 2020, after the first lockdown, staff might choose not to use public transport or cars, neither do they want to walk, they’re instead looking for ways to get to work on time while staying safe as well as active. 

That’s where e-bikes have become the perfect solution!

Active commuting has become the best option for travelling to work. e-Bikes put to rest the usual concerns such as “I don’t think I’m fit enough”, “I don’t want to be sweaty at work” or “what about when the weather gets bad?”.

Why e-bikes are the perfect solution

e-Bikes look like a regular bike but include a rechargeable battery and motor. With different modes of assistance, they can cater to all fitness levels and abilities. 

You can benefit from up to 320% assisted pedalling, making your commute to work effortless and won’t put a bead of sweat on you, meaning there is no worry if your workplace doesn’t have changing rooms or shower facilities. 

Due to the assisted pedalling you receive when riding an e-Bike, it means you can put more clothes on and not overheat, so on those rainy and cold days you can wrap up warm and put your waterproofs on and get to work as dry as you would have been if you had commuted by car.

Improving your health and wellbeing

An active commute has multiple other benefits. The University of Edinburgh carried out a study which highlighted that an active commute totalling 150 minutes per week, can achieve risk reductions in premature mortality of 10-11%. 

An active commute can also reduce risk factors for diseases such as cardiovascular disease, some cancers, and Type II diabetes.

Switching from travelling by car to an active travel method can have a huge positive impact on your mental wellbeing, making you more prepared for work and giving yourself time to clear your head at the end of a working day.

“The transport sector is responsible for a third of all carbon dioxide emissions…”

Reduce carbon emissions

The UK has a target to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050 and everyone needs to do their part to make this happen. The transport sector is responsible for nearly a third of all carbon dioxide emissions. 

Switching from a petrol or diesel car to an e-Bike for daily commuting also has a positive environmental effect, they have the potential to cut carbon emissions in England by 30 million tonnes per year.

This is the equivalent to half of CO2 emissions from cars, which means if everyone commuting to work used an e-Bike instead of a car, they would reduce the total carbon dioxide emissions to one-sixth. 

While this might not be realistically possible, it does highlight the enormous benefits e-Bikes can have on the environment.

For Businesses

Businesses can support their staff with e-Bikes through Cycle to Work schemes or leasing them for their staff to use to commute to work.

Companies have an opportunity to help their staff get to work safely which in turn could help improve their staff’s fitness, mental well-being and productivity, so…

Why not try one?

No-one can explain the magic – you can’t describe the experience of an e-Bike.  

You have to try it firsthand and you will see why it gives everyone the ‘e-Bike smile’.

Enquire now and find out how e-bikes could help you and your business.

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