Ride Electric and e-Mobilise champion e-Bikes on Sky News

Did you know that transport accounts for 30% of the UK’s carbon emissions? which equates to 60 million tonnes per year!!

This is what 1 tonne of CO2 looks like… now imagine 60 million of them!

Yesterday was Transport Day at COP26, but the discussions mainly centred around Electric Cars and Trucks.

They missed the best opportunity to champion the soaring rise of micro-mobility, specifically e-Bikes, and its benefits to people, communities and businesses.  

So when Sky News pushed back our interview from Monday to yesterday morning, it felt like the stars were aligning.

Sky News offered to interview us after we had been in discussions with them to supply e-BIkes for their Kay Burley and her production team to ride from Blyth, along Hadrian’s Wall to Carlisle.

The interview gave us the perfect opportunity to highlight the work Ride Electric and e-Mobilise has been doing since 2017 to help people across different generations adopt a more active and sustainable lifestyle – the e-Bike lifestyle.

Through e-Mobilise, we’ve been doing the same but with businesses – in the private and public sector – to help them transition from motor vehicle dependency to e-Mobility. 

Here is a clip of our interview with Sky News, where Craig and David, founders of Ride Electric and e-Mobilise, share more about the work we’re doing and how we’re changing people’s hearts and minds.

We want to give credit to Sky News for not only doing the interview with us, but also shining a light on the need to reduce carbon emissions and implement alternative transport modes such as e-Bikes.

COP26 has already accelerated the need to reduce carbon emissions, and after it ends this week, the focus will shift to businesses and what action they’re taking to reduce carbon emission and achieve net-zero.

So… what action will you be taking?

If you’re concerned how you will achieve your targets and are looking for help, then book an e-Meeting to discuss how we could help you achieve similar results such as: 

  1. Monthly Miles Covered – 667 miles per person (Annually – 8,004) 
  2. Monthly Fuel Savings – £86 per person (Annually – £1,026) 
  3. Monthly Carbon Savings – 260 Kg CO2 per person (Annually – 3.12 tonne of CO2) 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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