Award for ‘Action on Climate Change’ & webinar to explore eBikes for business

Back of the net!  We only went and won the North Tyneside Business Awards for Action on Climate Change

However, this is just the start – we really want to push the e-Bike goodwill as fast as we can.  We’ve launched E-Mobilise Ltd. and our first goal is to invite you along to join us with an introduction to our exciting e-bikes4work programme on 15th December. 

The focus of this webinar will be to show you how e-Bikes will be an essential part of the North East Journey to Net Zero and how you can get involved. Get the ethics and morals aligned and see how we can assist in promoting interest in changing our environment for the better.

It would be great to have as many of our friends and new faces there as possible, so please do share this blog around your contacts. Register your interest for the webinar HERE.

Many thanks,

David Anderson


We look forward to hearing from you.

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