01. Case Study: North Tyneside Council

About North Tyneside Council
North Tyneside Council (NTC) has been supporting its local businesses through a number of initiatives over the years to encourage sustainable travel and business operations.
‘Buy Local’ is one such initiative which included the option to utilise e-Cargo bikes to assist the B2B business community in locations such as Whitley Bay, Tynemouth and North Shields.

How we connected:

e-Mobilise was approached by key sponsors of this initiative to facilitate and enable the bridging of the current website to add the functionality to book, pay and expedite deliveries using NTC e-Cargo fleet on an automated platform.
NTC and e-Mobilise firstly wanted to explore the need and understand the practicalities of providing a local delivery service to support retailers with an efficient zero emissions means to deliver their goods, especially during the lockdown when businesses had to shutdown.


One of the main goals was to encourage local SME’s to replace diesel van travel use with e-Cargo bikes.
Also, increase awareness of e-Cargo bikes by educating and training local employees, school children, and residents to increase longer-term uptake.
The initiative also aimed to reduce Co2 emissions by converting short delivery trips to zero-emission journeys.
NTC’s aim was to build a simple and efficient service as a direct response to the changing needs of the local high street.

Solution – How it all took shape

e-Mobilise instigated the service which ran for 6 weeks, during which we:

1. Created a subscription platform to deliver local goods at a low cost.
2. Enabled a booking platform for ordering and payment
3. Promoted access to the service
4. Executed the delivery service

This initiative was phased: an initial pilot with limited retailer engagement to prove the concept, which is now being followed by a borough-wide deployment using NTC’s own e-Cargo bike fleet, managed through our eRideDrop platform
Pilot based upon 6 retailers and one e-Cargo bike
Provided to retailers at a low cost per drop
369 deliveries over three months, saving retailers £245 / month

Outcome & Results:

The target was to make 20 deliveries over a pilot period of 6 weeks.
The end result achieved 63 deliveries.
That's a 315% increase in deliveries in 6 weeks
It has gone on to make almost 400 deliveries in 3 months.
200 miles was covered during the service period.

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