02. Case Study: Police Force

About Police Force
Demand on policing services continues to escalate at a time of decreasing resources, particularly those dedicated to local roles, strengthening the need to find sustainable system-wide solutions across public services.
A regional police force based in the North of England was under the same pressures and sought to find a solution for their Neighbourhood Patrol Team.

How we connected:

The team had been using manual bicycles to carry out their duties, but had not achieved the outcomes they had hoped and felt that eBikes had a greater potential to deliver.
This led to discussions between e-Mobilise and the Inspectors from the Police Force to explore improved methods for enabling the force to patrol effectively, while also promoting their environmental and sustainability credentials.


The Police Force wanted to increase patrols and provide more effective engagement in the community.
They were keen to improve response times and provide greater reassurance.
As well as, support the objective of providing an outstanding service to the community they serve.
They also wanted to develop a more positive perception to the public and wider stakeholders.

Solution – How it all took shape

In December 2019, e-Mobilise ran a monitored 30 day trial with the Regional Police Force, across 4 different sectors. The neighbourhood patrol team utilised the e-Bikes to carry out their duties and explore their use for wider and more relevant policing coverage.

Perceptions included:
Positive public feedback
Increased patrolling distances covered
More accessible than car or foot patrolling

Outcome & Results:

e-Bike: £
The total cost of an e-Bike is £2,397.60 per bike, then £397.60 per year thereafter.
Car: £
While the total cost of a car is £19,700 to the force and around £1,700 per year thereafter.
x Cheaper
Making e-Bikes 7 times cheaper, and cost 4 times less in yearly maintenance.
1,789 miles could be covered each month by 2 e-Bikes across 2 sectors; equivalent to taking a police car off the road for the whole month.
CO2 Kg/pa
The trial resulted in carbon emission reduction of 796 CO2 Kg/pa

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