03. Case Study: Quorum Business Park

About Quorum Park
Quorum Business Park describe themselves as a leading location in the North East for commercial real estate.
With cutting edge office space to rent, Quorum Park provide great working environment, coupled with a range of first-class amenities, including free sports club, 15 acres of breakout space, and opportunities to get involved with over 300 events a year.

How we connected:

We have been involved with Quorum Park, through Transport Adviser Laura Kerry to appreciate the benefits of how e-Bikes could assist and ease the local traffic congestion and parking problems.
This was initiated through our e-Bike experience days, which led on to the implementation of a structured trial which resulted in extremely robust data and perception results.


Quorum Park wanted to prove that e-Bikes would enhance quality of life for their tenants.
They wanted to encourage their tenants to adopt e-Bikes as a practical means of transport for staff commuting.
The programme also explored the motives for rider experience and perceived impact on mobility, health & wellbeing while commuting to a place of work.
They were also keen to reduce commute times and traffic congestion, as well as pollution in urban areas.

Solution – How it all took shape

e-Mobilise and Quorum Business Park agreed to run a trial in October 2020, where several tenants from the park used e-Bikes for their daily commute. Each e-Bike was fitted with eRideTrak location trackers, and a report was generated each week and sent to Laura Kerry. Once the trial was over, we compiled all the data and analysed it, from which the outcomes are shared below.
Exploring use of e-Bikes for their tenants
Performed pre/post trial measurements and perception reviews
Delivered significant results

Outcome & Results:

Of carbon savings realised - equivalent to saving 12 trees / rider.
/ rider
The participants achieved a monthly fuel saving of £55 / rider.
e-Bikes take nearly half the time taken by public transport to travel to work.
e-Bikes are faster than using a normal bike. And slightly faster than cars (90%)
Respondents said e-Bikes are beneficial and would buy one.

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