Driving e-Mobility efficiency

Our tested and proven e-Bike Adoption Programme (eAP) builds a business case for utilising e-Bikes and influences a model shift in organisations.

Our approach

We enable the adoption of e-Bikes through four stages:

1. Discover

We start by understanding your motives for using e-Bikes and the perceived impact on your business, such as:

e-Bike Fleet Management Service

Reduce carbon emissions of fleets

Reduce staff commuting times and costs

Attend to patient and local community needs

e-Bikes or e-Cargo bikes for last-mile deliveries

Utilise e-Bikes for Police neighbourhood patrolling

To assist organisations to explore the various benefits of eBikes our eBike Adoption Programme – eAP helps to scope the process and expected outcomes.

2. Deploy

Once we’re clear on the need and the plan, we then carry it out and ensure we meet the targets in the agreed timeframe and budget.

This Includes:

Product information and e-Bike selection support

e-Bike and accessory provisioning, which can include Ride to Work schemes to optimise acquisition costs as well as e-Bike Leasing

Secure storage infrastructure

Insurance signposting

eRideBook Booking and allocation management – to easily and securely enable controlled access to your e-Bike stocks

Awareness schemes to help staff/team take up e-Bikes

Communication of the project across the organisation for awareness and tactics

3. Care

The ongoing availability of the eBike fleet is assured through physical support and usage assistance

AMP Fleet maintenance services which can include:

- Periodic maintenance and renovation.
- Assured replacement of wear items.
- Field recovery in the event of non-availability.
- Pro-active notification of eBike technology status.

Usage support - Resource to provide:

- Answers to common user queries.
- Handover and awareness training for staff.
- Assistance for new riders.

4. Outcome

During the engagement, we analyse and report on the outcomes of e-Bike usage.

eRideTrak – tracking e-Bikes offers:

– Rider usage analysis
– Peace of mind knowing rider and e-Bike are secure
– Reporting to support environmental and wellbeing targets

Perception gathering:

– Feedback from all stakeholders

Programme review:

– Employee well-being and productivity
– Time and money saved from e-Bike usage
– Environmental benefits and savings
– Company goodwill and profile
– Impact on customers, patients and community

Driven by technology

eRideTec is an end-end data-driven technology solution

We provide an all-in-one platform to manage your e-Bike assets:

1. Booking

2. Paying

3. Tracking

4. Analysing

5. Reporting

Lease e-Bikes and e-Cargo bikes

We support businesses where leasing e-Bikes and/or e-Cargo bikes is the most effective option, in particular, for last-mile delivery businesses.

Flexible term leases

Managed service support

Back to base maintenance

Custom maintenance packages

e-Bike Fleet Management Services

Our fleet management services can help your business with the following:

Maximise efficiency of e-Bikes

Increase employee retention

Cost reduction strategy

Increase productivity

Incentivise your team

Forward resource planning

Record environmental benefits

Improve and record staff health and well-being

Staff Purchase – Green Commute Initiative

Through the GCI, staff can get a tax free e-Bike through this revolutionary new cycle to work scheme. The Green Commute Initiative (GCI) is an improved solution over the standard Cycle to Work scheme.

No £
With no £1,000 limit, any bike of any value is possible.
Save over
Save over 32% for most tax payers. Higher rate tax payers can save over 42%.
Up to
Salary sacrifice agreements can be for 6, 12,18 or 24 months to help spread the cost.

Find out more

If you'd like to find out more about the Green Commute Initiative and how it could help your staff, then enquire here.

We help UK organisations from all sectors and sizes transition to e-Mobility