e-Mobility specialists for businesses

e-Bikes provide the perfect solution – a middle ground – for organisations and their staff who want to stop using public transport and cars, or use a normal bike.

What is an e-Bike?

Why now?

Governments, businesses and employees are demanding:

reduced carbon emissions

Effective solutions to meet carbon emission targets

Speech Bubble

Meet changing customer/ stakeholder demands

Healthy Heart

Healthier and more productive staff

commuting benefits of e-Bikes

Improved commuting solutions


Operate more sustainably

e-Bikes provide new opportunities for personnel who would not consider conventional cycling, and are replacing journeys that would have ordinarily been made by public transport or car.

Why e-Bikes?

save money and time

Money and time saving transport solution

Happy healthy employees

Improve staff health, morale and output

Increase revenue

Create additional revenue opportunities


Has multiple purposes

Why e-Mobilise?

e-Mobilise has enabled the public and private sector with end-to-end data driven solutions since 2017. Providing consultancy, hardware and software.

e-Mobilise work with businesses, while Ride Electric is a premium lifestyle e-Bike brand.

Meet the team

David Anderson


Craig Goff-Cooper

Consumer Director

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin

Director of Growth

Mick Keeble

Operations Director

Sue Anderson

e-Mobility Consultant

Shahzad Ahmed

Shahzad Ahmed

Client Engagement and Marketing